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27 Liberal Proposals

The vitality of the French language and its promotion must be at the heart of any Quebec government’s action. The linguistic challenges we face are far from being inevitable. On the contrary, they call for all of Quebec’s driving forces to mobilize to allow the beautiful French language to prosper; the language that we inherited from our ancestors and intend to leave to our children, thus perpetuating a rich French-speaking tradition in this North American land.

The proposals we have advanced show the Quebec Liberal Party’s undeniable commitment to the protection and promotion of the French Language.

Just like Robert Bourassa did 50 years ago, we want to breathe new life into our official language with strong, audacious measures while respecting the rights of the English-speaking community.

The proposals we are advancing are the result of thorough reflection following several consultations. 

In order to undertake this process, we first identified the fundamental principles that should guide us. It was important for us to identify the foundations upon which all Quebecers of all origins could readily unite and rally.

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